Shadow Order

by Sour Soul

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Camryn Marquez
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Camryn Marquez These guys are seriously talented. Those vocals really remind me of Michael Jackson mixed with Led Zeppelin in the best way possible, but they still have an identity all their own. And the musical accompaniment is amazing as well- so funky and soulful but still heavy. Favorite track: Laplace.
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Sour Soul's third album


released September 1, 2013

Recorded live at Sour House Studios, México City, México.

Produced by: Sour Soul

Mixed by: Tracks 1 to 5 Justin J. Leeah. Tracks 6 & 7 Roberto de la Peña Flores

Master by: Marco A Ramirez

Art by: Pepelepop



all rights reserved


Sour Soul Mexico City, Mexico

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Track Name: Repeating Fancy/Shadow Order
Repeating Fancy
By the time I turn and see I've done nothing, there's a chance it won't ever change I'm trapped in my thoughts my relentlessly repeating fancy.

Shadow Order:
After all these years this is what we've become, nothing more, nothing less than we expected, we just learned to get along and obey the noise within our bones. We've unveiled the secret to survive to this horrid climb by feeding on your souls. So if you're standing in front of us and perceiving the vibrations from the speakers, your spirit's been drained to the last drop. So… Welcome to the Shadow Order.
Track Name: La Sabrosa
Don't slow me down, don't even try to take me over cause I'll tare you apart. Found out who I am? A burden of obsession that's a flooding tide, makes me useless this time. This is the first time I see you and the last time I want you around, but as soon as you wake up I'll change my mind.
skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet. But I talk to much and I rather feel what's inside me baby yeah. You flew right by me baby and I didn't let the love take over cause instead I used my head, my mistake, I'll start over again, diverting from my heed and pain.
Track Name: Laplace
Blurred sight a bright light standing before me, them flowers came to annoy me, bad blood is crawling against me, this spring is sickening. Now it's time to set up the bomb, before I start to ignore me, bad blood will never surrender, come join the heresy. This time I won't turn into a coward, I will not wait to be devoured, no beast will kill the desire to end with nothing at all. I've been shopping for ideals, just half are my own, being convinced that I'm right just to prove that I'm wrong, I gotta come clean to tear up the scheme when I face the machine, what will I do about it? I'll try to keep my shit together, ramble… and stop making excuses for myself. What's the use of wanting things to change if my obsessions are still the same? I'll save what's left of me.
Before I try to save someone else's soul and preach to the whole damn world, I'll break the scheme of my own regrets and learn for once to forgive myself, leave past in the past alone, ain't gonna be here for long, ain't gonna be here for long. So little time to save myself, not much time to reach my best, am I doomed to fail again? Am I doomed to fail again?
Track Name: La Estocada
Instrumental Violence
Track Name: Au pair
I met you in disguise, I remember… I met you in disguise. I fell to the pit of love the moment I gazed at your thighs, you took me home, poisoned my mind with a french costume design, then you ditched me, ignored me for so long, I couldn't stop dreaming, dreaming awake about devouring your soul. Now I got you in my arms, you feed my troubled heart but don't treat me so mean, don't be so mean cause I'm in love with you dark queen, I'm in love with your two thousand thread skin.
Track Name: Oh Lord
Oh Lord I need more time to understand me. Oh Lord please help me understand me. I know it's inside me, please Lord help me find it.